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Video Convention

Vision Statement

We strive to provide an inclusive environment for gaming communities that encourage fun, creativity, and good sportsmanship. A place that is welcoming and inviting for all. From casual to competitive– we’ve got you covered.

Mission Statement

LvL UP Gaming’s mission is to build large and loyal followers of gamers, streamers, and spectators to form a community. This can be accomplished by providing a friendly and high-end environment with a large array of retention programs and activities. Our biggest goal is to create a space for folks to come together to enjoy video games, tournaments, streaming events, meet and greets, and social gatherings, where inclusion is everything. 

Competitive video gaming, also called esports, brings together people from all backgrounds. As such LvL UP Gaming aims to represent the common interests of these people from the amateur to the professional level of esports. We want to develop, promote and supervise the practice of esports in a spirit of equality and human fulfillment.

We aim to improve the representation of esports and increase its level of awareness in Pennsylvania. We aim to provide opportunities for esports talent in Pennsylvania to be scouted by professional teams through hosting and sponsoring local tournaments with the focus always on Pennsylvania.

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